Welcome to Hiero

We are a community dedicated to the exploration of metaphysical, esoteric, and occult wisdom.

A Social Club for the Occult Community

Established in September 2020 by our founder Brenndon, Hiero is an existing community of witches, occultists, alchemists, pagans, and everything in between, hosted here on Mighty Networks. 

We soon realized that the community needed more features to thrive, and so we are building our own social media platform, launching this spring!

Join our community now, for FREE, and be among the first to be invited to our new website and app. All of our current members will be granted a Founding Thousand Membership, granting them free lifetime membership. This means you!

Hiero is an 18+ community. No minors will be admitted. 

Coming March 20th 2021

Hiero will be a social club and networking platform for all witches, occultists, and those who hold a magical worldview. We aim to be more than a Twitter for witches, but a true community focused on facilitating sharing, learning, and coming together to expand our knowledge base and enhance our magic.

No matter what your path, practice, discipline, identity, or lack thereof, Hiero is your place to share your experiences, learn something new, and make friends with others on a similar path.

Something Special This Way Comes

Hiero will go beyond being a social platform meant to share minutiae and selfies. We plan to accomplish this goal by creating a container for practitioners to communicate meaningfully with one another, curating resources for the community to explore together, and fostering growth opportunities by enabling our community members to interface with subject matter experts and thought-leaders in the wider community.

Join us today!

We are living through an incredible time. We are witnessing the collapse of the 3D matrix of Separation and the rise of the Aquarian Age. The New Earth is ours for the taking.

That's where YOU come in. We are stronger when we are together. Together, our knowledge and wisdom about the ways of this Universe, and our place in it, can be amplified and put to use. And we're needed more now than ever.

Hiero isn't simply an app. It's a community, and we need your voice. More than that, it's an audacious experiment. Not since the days of the Library of Alexandria have the metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric, occult, and witchcraft communities come together in a sustained and intentional way to share perspective and encourage collective growth.

Let's figure this thing out together. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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