Hiero: The Occult Social Club

Expand your circle. Enhance your practice.

A Social Club for Witches & Occultists

Established in September 2020, Hiero is a platform for witches and occultists to connect with one another and deepen their magical practices through comparison and exploration.

Hiero is the best place to find in depth conversations about witchcraft and the occult.

We are an intentionally diverse community composed of practitioners of all manner of magical practice, personal identification, location, and tradition. 

The strength of our community lies in that diversity of practice and opinion, and our platform is designed to allow our members to compare and contrast their beliefs and practices in a more meaningful way than they can on traditional social media.

Hiero is for anyone who is passionate and serious about their craft, new and seasoned practitioners alike.

Hiero is a social club for adults and an 18+ community. No minors will be admitted. 

What Comes With Membership?

An Active Social Experience — Hiero offers a social media experience that isn’t governed by an algorithm, with a chronological timeline dedicated to the esoteric and the occult and an environment that’s focused on cultivating genuine connections between practitioners. Hiero is an active community with members from around the world from New York to Japan. Regardless of your time zone, there is always something going on.

Original Articles Posted Regularly — Our Hiero Hosts write original, well-researched, thought-provoking articles on a wide variety of Topics every week! Or write your own!

Inspiring Events — Events are at the heart of the Hiero experience. We aim to create a genuine community of practitioners who actually know one another as complete human beings. Most of our events are free!

Community Guidelines

In order to foster a friendly, welcoming, and magical environment on Hiero, we require our members to follow these Community Guidelines. By creating an account, you accept and agree to these Community Guidelines. Refusing to follow these Guidelines may result in a suspension or expulsion from Hiero.

  1. Hiero is a space to talk about magic, the occult, and other spiritual topics and concerns. As such, we ask that members keep their posts in this general realm. If you're looking for likes on your latest vanity selfie, there are platforms for that! 

  2. Members can promote their businesses, projects, podcasts, events, etc., but please be careful not to spam the feed.

  3. Some topics are strictly prohibited on Hiero. Do not post harmful links, copyrighted works without permission and attribution, spam, or abusive or illicit/illegal content.

  4. Bigotry of ANY KIND will not be tolerated on Hiero. We do not tolerate Nazis, TERFs, misogynists, racists, transphobes, etc. Anyone found to hold bigoted beliefs or shares bigoted content will be instantly and permanently banned. Hiero is a safe space for marginalized individuals. **Hiero supports Declaration 127**

  5. Since Hiero is an 18+ environment, swearing and discussions surrounding mature topics and substances are allowed.  

  6. Keep drama out of Hiero. This is meant to be a welcoming and friendly environment. We are a diverse group and not every member is going to be your favorite. Feel free to disagree, vociferously, but keep it respectful! Block those who bother you and report any suspected rule-breaking to the Hosts.

  7. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be respectful and kind to all members. We can constructively disagree with one another while respecting all paths.

  8. Use correct names and pronouns. The correct name and pronoun is the one a person says is correct for them. 

  9. Do not perform any divination, energy work, spells, etc. on ANYONE within the community without their explicit and informed consent.

  10. Respect all closed practices. We encourage curiosity in our members, but be mindful that learning about a closed practice and claiming to be a practitioner of a closed practice without having been initiated are two different things. Our members touch on practices both open and closed if you are curious please seek out a member initiated into these practices to point you in the direction of respectful and legitimate information.

  11. Do not assert yourself or your practice as the "one true" authority/practice. We all walk our unique path. Be respectful when encountering someone with different opinions. We are members of Hiero to compare and contrast practices, not to gatekeep or evangelize.

  12. Please do some basic preliminary research on a subject before asking questions about it. While Hiero is a learning environment, fostering critical thinking and research skills are crucial to a successful practice, so please don't force others to do that work for you. If you need help finding resources, just ask!

Community Feedback

Join us today!

We are stronger when we are together. Together, our knowledge and wisdom can be amplified and put to use. 

Hiero isn't simply an app, it’s a community. More than that, it's an audacious experiment. Not since the days of the Library of Alexandria have the metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric, occult, and witchcraft communities come together in a sustained and intentional way to share perspective and encourage collective growth. Your voice is an important part of that.

Let's figure this thing out together. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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